Great Hits given a new life !
Famous chart hits performed in a style that compliments the originals, but with a fresh new sound.


My  instrumental compositions covering a wide range of genres and styles from Rock ‘n’ Roll, to Country, to Ballads, and everything in between.

Great Hits of yesterday given a new life ! My  instrumental compositions Tune up your guitar or grab your favourite instrument and jam along with me.


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customised music for amateur or professional  theatre, videos, TV/film, advertising, promotions etc.


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Calling all Guitarists, Musicians, and Music Teachers !

Introducing the
‘Instant Scale Finder & Transposer Visual Aid’

Choose a Key note (root note) - Slide to it - instantly view ALL the notes in that scale - Sorted !
GUITARIST’S…ALL the notes of your chosen scale displayed across the fretboard !
ALL INSTRUMENTS…View ALL the notes in EVERY scale instantly !

Guitar scale finder and transposer visual aid

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“Valentines Performance”

Great romantic background (or loud up front) music for your ‘special’ occasion, restaurant, garden party and celebrations.
It’s never too early to book!

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